Golden Fried Chicken has a unique taste that customers love and which keeps them coming back for more. Loyal customers are the core of any business. They keep your profit margins high and ensure your future growth.

Our unique blend of herbs and spices, originally created back in 1989 specially for Golden Fried Chicken, is a stand out difference from other similar products and guarantees repeat business.

Although the original product excelled in the marketplace due to popularity - after all, who doesn’t love the taste of chicken and chips? - today we offer a broader range of foods to cater to a discerning and health conscious consumer. As well as our much loved Tasty Chicken and Chips,  Breakfast and Burger ranges , we also offer a diverse menu range to include Sandwiches, Wraps, and toasted turkish. The choice is yours as to which Menu options you want to go with.

Chicken and Chips

Hot Chips



Hot Rolls